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Shane started out in digital business by building a bow-tie e-commerce business in his bedroom while working full-time as an accountant. After realizing how narrow the bow tie niche is, Shane used what he learned to pivot into building a niche website that focused on pest control instead.

Then over the span of 14 months, Shane built that pest control niche website into a multiple 5 figure per month digital business. He now operates 4 additional niche websites utilizing the same process.

This free training reveals Shane’s exact process and how to leverage the power of Amazon, Google Search, and a simple website to build a profitable digital business in 2019.

Some Topics Include:

  • Why building and monetizing niche websites is the best business model for busy people in 2019
  • What Shane learned from selling bow ties that helped him identify pest control as a good niche to build a business in
  • What you need to know to build a Google optimized website capable of making 5 figures per month in 2019
  • Shane’s agile method of keyword research and a real-life case study where Shane used this method to generate an additional thirty-thousand in revenue for a client in the ultra-competitive finance industry
  • The right way and wrong way to outsource and grow your team via Upwork & ProBlogger
  • And how you can copy Shane’s proven process to start your own niche website business today.

Shane has built and sold 2 niche websites and currently operates 4 niche websites within his portfolio all without hiring a single employee (just part time freelancers). 

Shane usually charges $300 per hour for private coaching and consulting but this limited time free training webinar reveals the same process to you for free.

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